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Below are some of the comments from past and present students:

"NAPA is amazing. It helped me with my confidence and shows that whatever you play, you can pull it off. I'm so proud to have joined."  - Courtney, 16 



"I love coming to NAPA. My confidence has grown loads! It helps me fight my demons!"   - Velmer, Adult


"NAPA means a whole lot to me. I've met some of the best people I know here, while learning some amazing 
techniques to improve my theatrical abilities as well as having a lot of fun! I'd recommend it to anybody of any age. There is something for everyone."
- Sonny, 13


"It is exciting and interesting and I have made lots friends and become more confident."  - Bethan, 10


"NAPA is a magical place, a wonderland full of magical people. It's my happy place and escape from the real world. It's where I'm with my best friends and I love that."  - Amelia, 14


"NAPA has changed my life. It's given me the opportunity to develop my singing, dancing and acting, whilst still having a great time and making lots of friends along the way. I've been given the privilege to portray a variety of roles which helped me develop my confidence and I'm very thankful for the experience it has given me." - Ewan, 16​


"Not only is it teaching us how to sing and dance and act, but it has also taught me to become a better person and what it's like to be included in a family of people just like me! - Lucy, 14

"Joining the school was a big turning point for me; I gained confidence on stage and consequently in all aspects of my life. It's opened up many opportunities for me and I have also made some amazing friends and we're like on big family." - Libby, 16


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